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The information in this database is provided through self reporting surveys. Being included in this database is not an endorsement of character, and the creators of the Tarantula Sustainment Project are not responsible for losses or any other issues resulting from engagements with individuals listed here. 

Please do your own vetting before entering into arrangements with people you don't know, and proceed at your own risk.

Click here for the database.

The database is set up in a Google Sheet. It is searchable, and each column can be sorted. If you have any issues with sorting or searching while on mobile, please try viewing through the Google Sheets app, or on desktop.

TSP database sorting
TSP database searching

If you need to update your entries, please take the survey(s) again and enter your current information.  The database will be updated on weekends, or as time allows.

If you would like to have all of your information removed from the database, please contact us.

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